Sharpening business solutions using conversational AI-driven process automations.

Conversational process automation is unique because it integrates both conversational and action capabilities so queries can be processed without needing a human.

Beyond traditional chatbot technology

With traditional chatbot technology, the automation of full case resolution will always have a limited ceiling. Most systems are limited to recognising keywords, and responding with a canned answer or link to an FAQ. When tickets require data from an outside system to answer a question, or when multiple steps are required, full case resolution isn’t possible with a chatbot. 

Quonversa business process automation engine extends the possibilities of what can be handled without human intervention. The flexible workflow builder brings together multiple systems through integration. Whether the customer needs a hotel booking, a flight booking seat change or a package rerouted, business process automation can connect the dots and deliver a resolution.

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The importance of the conversation

You also may have heard of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) technology but we think the conversation part of the flow is critically important to success.


AI Model

Instead of completing the process, workflows often need to default to agent guided automation. The highest-confidence answer is suggested to an agent by an AI model, and the agent can complete any necessary processes for resolution.


Repetitive processes

The most repetitive processes can be built into a customised workflow with no agent involvement required.


No human intervetion

Consumers are now connected to their resolutions quickly, without needing to wait for human intervention.